How to trace it from your table to our groves

Growing Trust
From the Root Up

We trace every bottle of Bellucci from root to table - so you can, too. Here’s how.

Small family growers

As a cooperative of small family growers, we use traditional farming methods to nurture the Italian countryside - producing rich, flavorful, nutritious fruits.

Our Olives

Our olives are gathered at the peak of their vitality, and delivered to our local mills within hours of harvest.

Carefully weighed and labelled

Every bushel of olives is carefully weighed and labelled with details of its origin - right down to the grove.

Standards for quality and purity

Our olive oil must meet rigorous standards for quality and purity, before being declared extra virgin. It is carefully evaluated using contemporary technology, before undergoing digital verification to ensure its authenticity.

Lot number identifies your mill

The assigned lot number identifies your EVOO’s mill and region of origin - as well as the specific olive varietals, and flavor profile.

Uniquely Bellucci batch

The best is used to craft a uniquely delicious Bellucci batch.

Trace your EVOO to its origin

Once your EVOO is lovingly delivered from farm to table, you can use the Bellucci app to trace your bottle back to its origin - and learn to taste the regional flavors of our home. We’re proud of our delicious, authentic Italian flavor!