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  • 2016

  • Baste Your Bird with Bellucci -- Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a Delicious Thanksgiving

    There's no time like Thanksgiving to bring heart-healthy EVOO's special flavor to the traditional foods we all love. Bellucci's award-winning Italian EVOO line-up is ready to make Thanksgiving this year's most memorable meal.

  • Food sham(e): New book says fraud is out of control

    Food fraud amounts to $49 billion lost across the world annually, and 10% of food purchased is likely adulterated, according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association. In a preventive measure, the association and Battelle have created an online platform called EMAlert. It compiles live data on economically motivated adulteration vulnerability, specifically in manufacturing.

  • Bellucci Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil Fights Fraud in the Industry with Innovative Trace-to-Source Technology and a Consumer Education App

    As consumers seek ways to determine authentic EVOO from the fake, Bellucci, headquartered in Grosseto, Italy, is offering a multi-pronged solution: traceability and sophisticated tasting skills. The company offers precise, detailed information to empower customers in choosing true EVOO products, while ensuring the authenticity of Bellucci EVOO at all levels of production.

  • Bellucci aspires to raise industry standard for olive oil

    Certified Origins has been sourcing olive oil from the Italian countryside for about a decade, but only sold its product through private label. In 2013, the company decided to create a consumer-facing brand that could be sold in retail stores, and Bellucci was born.

  • POV Italian Cooking Episode 20: Let's Talk Olive Oil

    For Episode 20 of POV Italian Cooking we aren't doing a cooking demonstration. Instead in this episode we will be talking about the history, various grades and recent scandals of the ingredient used in nearly every Italian recipe, olive oil.

  • Bellucci Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil Brings Trace-to-Source Technology to Consumers through New, Innovative App

    Recent reports of fraudulent extra virgin olive oil in the marketplace have made finding truly authentic EVOO more important than ever. Consumers are seeking ways to identify the real from the fake. Bellucci and its parent company Certified Origins, headquartered in Grosseto, Italy, is offering a solution in the form of the Bellucci App, which traces any bottle of Bellucci EVOO back to the mill where it was produced and the area in which the olives for it were grown.

  • Oser Communications Group - Naturally Healthy spring 2016

    Bellucci 100 Percent Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil has developed new technology, the exclusive Bellucci Traceability App, that keeps track of every drop in every bottle produced by the company. Consumers can trace the contents of every Bellucci Bottle back to the source of origin.

  • Healthy, fresh food with #EVOO from Bellucci Premium - Fast Track to Italy Bellucci Olive Oil Giveaway

    Cooking "Southern" is really a way of eating and today's cooking "Southern" differs a bit from what it was 50 years ago. As a Southern lady who has cooked "Southern" for a l-o-n-g time, I can say that it simply is not going to go away. It is here to stay and we Southerners like it.

  • Take the Fast Track to Italy with Chef Ashley's Modern Italian Cuisine and a 50% Discount on Bellucci Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Start the New Year by turning your dreams of Italy into reality with Bellucci's extra virgin olive oils and Chef Ashley's latest recipes. Her newly released videos bring modern Italian cooking to home kitchens and offer a private Fast Track to Italy tour through three major olive-growing regions — Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany — each one famed for the distinctiveness of its EVOO.

  • 2015

  • Bellucci Shows How to Sample Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is an item that can be anything from a great cooking tool, to an appetizer, to an enhancement for another dish. To emphasize how individual this craft is to the palate, Bellucci has released a step-by-step video to illustrate how to taste EVOO.

  • Meagan Davenport: Bellucci Premium Olive Oil

    Did you know there's a science to tasting EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)? Apparently there is … and it's not all that different from tasting wine. Win! Bellucci Premium recently put out a call for bloggers to try their olive oil, and I jumped right on it. Little did I know the blogger pack would be so generous: three 500mL (each!) bottles of EVOO, along with their step-by-step tasting guide.

  • 50% Online Holiday Discount on Trace-to-Source Bellucci Extra Virgin Olive Oil and "Fast Track to Italy" Gift Packs

    Give the gift of Italy for the Holidays. Through the end of 2015, Bellucci is offering a 50% discount on all EVOO purchases at The extra virgin olive oil company's newly opened online store features EVOO that buyers can trace to its source in rural Italy.

  • Easy Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

    This Easy Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing takes only 5 minutes to make and is my new go-to salad dressing! Ok you guys, it's back to juicing and eating salads for me again this week. I'm still in total detox mode from the cruise I went on over Thanksgiving. Too. Much. Food.

  • 2015 gourmet holiday gift guide

    We received a sampler of Bellucci Premium Olive Oils, including their Toscano PGI EVOO, 100% Italian EVOO, and Organic 100% Italian EVOO. They came beautifully boxed and we were beyond impressed by the stunning dark glass bottles that proudly displayed the harvest season for the artisanal oils inside. Shop now with code HOLIDAYOLIVES to save 50% this holiday season!/p>

  • Bellucci Wins Best Communications Strategy Award at Anuga 2015 for New App

    Last week at the Anuga Food Fair in Cologne, Germany, Bellucci took the award for Best Communication Strategy among a field of competitors that included 93 Italian companies and 173 different products from Italy. Anuga is the world's largest international food fair, organized by Koelnmesse and Group FOOD, with over 160,000 visitors from 192 different countries. The award comes shortly after Bellucci released its trace-to-source technology in the form of an innovative new app.

  • Bellucci Challenges Olive Oil Industry with Trace-to-Source Technology in New App for Consumers

    Released on Apple iOS and Android this week, the free Bellucci App traces Bellucci Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) to its origin in rural Italy and teaches users how to taste for freshness and flavors distinct to authentic EVOO. It supports users in developing the tasting skills needed to identity flavors unique to harvests, regions and olive cultivars. A recipe section highlights EVOO's flavorful impact on food.

  • Bellucci 100% Italian Extra Virgin to Give Away a Trip for Two to Tuscany during the 2015 Olive Harvest

    The "Take Me to Legendary Tuscany" Tour follows the journey of specially grown olives, from grove to mill to bottle in the making of Bellucci's Legendary Toscano Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The winner of the 4-day, 3-night trip, and his or her guest, will participate in harvesting olives from a small family grove and EVOO tastings to savor the range of flavors that come from rural Tuscany.

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